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    Gülağaç Sele-Basket

    Unique to Gülağaç with their unique knitting technique, generally knitted by women and used for storage and carrying items, sele-baskets draw attention with their artistic aspect. Basket making in Gülağaç is a woman-specific occupation that is passed down from mother to daughter. These cylindrical-shaped baskets are plain or with geometric patterns embroidered with colorful fabrics. Each pattern has a unique name. A product of centuries-old tradition, the baskets are made from a type of reed called Hasot, which is found on the lake shore in Gülağaç. These wet reed pieces are dried and wetted again, then hand-knitted and turned into a basket. The most important feature of these baskets is the local binding technique of the reeds. Gülağaç baskets can be used for various purposes such as laundry, toys, bread, and decoration baskets.

    Güzelyurt Pottery

    The pottery of Güzelyurt, the birthplace of pottery, will be a beautiful memory for you from Aksaray!

    Güzelyurt Tiles

    The most beautiful examples of traditional tile art, processed in different motifs and patterns, continue to be kept alive in tile workshops.

    Taşpınar Carpet

    Hand woven and colored with madder, Taşpınar Carpets (Taşpınar Halısı) are one of the most beautiful examples of Anatolian carpets and rugs.