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  • 10 vibes for Aksaray

    like locals

    Discover Ihlara Valley. The frescoed churches (such as Sümbüllü, Yılanlı, Kokar, Ağaçaltı, Pürenliseki, Eğritaş, Kırkdamaltı, Bahattin Samanlığı) in the valley feature scenes such as the Birth of Jesus, Evangel, The Visit, Flight into Egypt, The Last Supper, and the valley is among the places you must see at least once in your life!

    Visit the Aksaray Museum. Historical artifacts covering Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze, Middle Bronze, Late Bronze, Iron, Hellenistic, Roman, Late Roman and Anatolian Seljuk periods are exhibited in the museum.

    See the Manastır Valley. The valley looks like a "Small Ihlara Valley" with a stream between high rocks on both sides, willow trees and 28 churches, chapels and underground cities, small and large rock carved churches.

    Visit St. Mercurius Underground City. Saint Mercurius Underground City and Church, the second underground city in Saratlı Town, was one of the places mostly used as a shelter in the 250's when Christianity was forbidden.

    Visit Aşıklı Tumulus. Aşıklı Tumulus has been established 10,500 years ago as the first village settlement of Central Anatolia.

    Get fascinated in Salt Lake. In the middle of Anatolia, in the steppe, with its ice blue during the day and its unique sunset view in the evening, Salt Lake can fascinate you in every season of the year!

    Sultanhanı is the largest caravanserai on the Silk Road.  Sultanhanı, the largest of the Seljuk caravanserais in Anatolia, is one of the first inns in which the mansion-mosque tradition is first applied and was built during the reign of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I. It is seen that the first insurance system was applied in Anatolian Seljuk Caravanserais where the life and property safety of visiting caravans was provided at the highest level.

    See and get surprised of Somuncu Baba Tomb and Complex and Eğri (Leaning) Minaret. Standing out with its resemblance to the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Eğri Minaret is one of the most important historical artifacts from the Seljuk Period. Şeyh Hamid-i Aksarayi Veli Tomb and masjid are located in the Evrah Cemetery called Evliyalar (Saints) Cemetery in Aksaray. The Somuncu Baba Cultural Center, has been designed as religious venues for faith tourism open to the public, and it reminds its visitors the atmosphere of Somuncu Baba's period with shopping units, a bakery and a wooden portico-roofed mosque with a capacity of 800 people, which reminds the Seljuk and early Ottoman masjids.

    Climb to Hasan Mountain. Hasan Mountain, the second highest mountain in the Central Anatolia Region, welcomes mountain climbing enthusiasts with its safe tracks. Nora Ancient City, located at the foot of the mountain, is an important cultural treasure.

    Taste the Gelveri Tava. Gelveri Tavais one of the most popular local dishes of Aksaray, made in Güzelyurt district.