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    Hasan Mountain

    Hasan Mountain (Hasan Dağı) is the second highest mountain in the Central Anatolia Region. Hasan Mountain, which is the continuation of the Taurus Mountains (Toros Dağları), is located between Aksaray and Niğde provinces. The mountain, which has an altitude of 3,268 meters, is essentially a volcanic mountain. It is known that Hasan Mountain, where there are two craters named Big Hasan (Büyük Hasan) and Small Hasan (Küçük Hasan), has been extinct since 7000 BCE.

    Hasan Mountain attracts the attention of mountain lovers with its safe trails. While the Nora Ancient City, located at the foot of the mountain, is home to an important cultural treasure, the fish restaurants located next to the Helvadere Pond (Helvadere Gölü) offer different tastes to nature lovers. Those who use the chalet trail to climb Hasan Mountain, of which summit is reached in an average of six hours, first encounter with the Sütlü Church (Sütlü Kilise). On the way to summit, an endless land under your feet, the Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü) and Erciyes and Ekecik mountains will appear.  

    Skiing is possible on Mount Hasan, especially between December and April. In addition, amateur and professional athletes coming to Hasan Mountain, which has suitable conditions for paragliding, jump from the slope and glide in the sky.

    Salt Lake

    In the middle of Anatolia, in the steppe, with its ice blue during the day and its unique sunset view in the evening, Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü) is a wonder of nature in every season of the year!

    While water rises in Salt Lake during the winter season, water tides as of May. When the waters tides, visitors have the opportunity to walk on the lake.

    Salt Lake and its surroundings which is also a bird paradise hosts hundreds of bird species with shelter, wintering and incubation opportunities, and draw attention with its endemic plants. Salt Lake is one of the richest basins in Türkiye with the birds living in the small lakes and marshes around it.

    Ziga Thermal Springs

    Ziga Thermal Springs in Yaprakhisar Village, located on the border of Ihlara Valley, has been declared a special environmental protection zone and the region has become a thermal center with the natural wonder valley. In Ziga Thermal Springs, which have a panoramic view of the Ihlara Valley, the temperature of the thermal water is 47 degrees. Ziga Thermal Springs, which are rich in minerals, are also beneficial for rheumatic diseases, itchy/rash diseases, rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological diseases, metabolic disorders, eye diseases and gynecological diseases.