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    Horseback Tours

    Specially trained horses are used on the tours that start in May and last until the end of September.  The tours starting from Sivrihisar cover Kızıl Church (Kızıl Kilise), Yüksek Church (Yüksek Kilise), Ilısu, Ihlara Valley (Ihlara Vadisi), Selime, Hasandağı foothills and Nora Ancient City (Nora Antik Kenti).

    Ihlara Valley is the most exciting destination of the horseback tour. While following the stream in the valley, you can ride a horse without a saddle from time to time and enter the Melendiz River (Melendiz Nehri).

    Balloon in Ihlara Valley and Güzelyurt

    Hot air balloon flights are made in Guzelyurt and Ihlara Valley (Ihlara Vadisi) in Aksaray. The second balloon flight area in the Cappadocia Region is opened to Aksaray, and balloon tours are held in the region between Manastir Valley (Manastır Vadisi) in the center of Güzelyurt, Ihlara Valley and Selime.

    During the balloon tour, where Hasan Mountain (Hasan Dağı) offers a visual feast with its view, balloons passing over the Manastır Valley and the High (Yüksek) Church fly to the Selime Cathedral (Selime Katedrali) through the Ihlara Valley.