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  • 48 hours

    in Aksaray

    First Day

    After a local breakfast on the first day in Aksaray, you can first visit the Aksaray Museum in the city center. After the museum, you can go to Somuncu Baba Tomb and Complex, and you can see the Ervah Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the world where his tomb is located and more than seven thousand scholars lie. Then you can visit Eğri Minaret, Ulu Mosque, Pasha Bath and Zinciriye Madrasa respectively and have a short tea or coffee break before the next destination. After your break, you can start out to see St. Mercurius ancient city, which is about half an hour away, and visit the Ağzıkarahan Caravanserai on the route. After visiting St. Mercurius ancient city, you can continue to Aşıklı Tumulus, the first village settlement of Central Anatolia. When you return to the city, you can buy a Taşpınar Carpet as a memory from the market.

    Second Day

    You can spend your second day in Aksaray by getting away from the city intertwined with history. After breakfast, you can go to the Selime Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Cappadocia, about 40 minutes away by car, as the first stop of the historical journey. After the Selime Cathedral, you can visit Ihlara Valley and see all the churches such as Sümbüllü, Yılanlı, Kokar, Ağaçaltı, Pürenliseki, Eğritaş, Kırkdamaltı waiting for you. After the walk, you can have your meal and sip your tea in the gazebos on the Melendiz Stream in Ihlara Valley. Here you can discover fascinating historical churches and continue your adventure with Güzelyurt Manastır Valley. For staying in touch with nature after a historical journey, you can go to Hasan Mountain, the second highest mountain in Central Anatolia, take a walk after a nice meal at the facilities in Helvadere town, and after visiting Nora Ancient City, you can take the back track.