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    Aksaray Tulum Kabab

    One of the most important tastes of Aksaray cuisine, Tulum Kebab attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. The Tulum kebab, which is registered with a Geographical Indication certificate, appeals to both the eyes and palates of the people of Aksaray, who care about their taste, and the local and foreign tourists visiting the city. Lamb arm meat rested the day before for Tulum kebab is added with spices such as salt, black pepper, thyme and basil, then butter and tulum cheese, and then put into a wood oven.  After cooking for about 5 hours Kebab is served with rice.

    Aksaray Tava

    Cooked in specially made containers, this dish is prepared by blending lamb, tomato, pepper and garlic. If you go to Aksaray, you should definitely taste this most famous flavor of the city.

    Hasan Mountain Testi Kebab

    Hasan Mountain Testi Kebab, which is registered with a Geographical Indication certificate, lamb meat and tail fat, garlic, tomatoes and onions are put into the pot and the top of it is covered with dough. When Testi Kebab is cooked, it is taken out of the oven, the neck of the pot is broken and then served.

    Kapak Böreği

    Kapak Böreği, which is unique to our Güzelyurt district, is usually cooked with onion or potato on a tray, under a cover. Hot coals and ashes under the tray are spread on the top of the cover and thus the distribution of the heat ensures that the pastry is cooked with the heat coming from the top without turning the pastry.


    Soğanlama is a very famous dish that is commonly cooked in almost every house in Aksaray. It is made by roasting onions and minced meat together.


    Erişte is a dish that is cooked and consumed not only in Aksaray but throughout the country. However, in Aksaray, a different taste is obtained with the spices added to Erişte.

    İncelek Dessert

    İncelek Dessert, which is registered with a Geographical Indication certificate, takes its name from the very thin rolled doughs.  One of the indispensable items of iftar tables in Ramadan, İncelek Dessert is frequently made during holidays, weddings and while sending men to the army.

    Okra Soup

    Okra Soup is one of the most popular soups in the city. It is made during Ramadan and on special occasions such as holidays, and served to guests. Its difference from okra dish is that it is made with more water and becomes a soup.


    Çiğleme is made with cream, flour, and water and consumed hot. It is very easy to make and contain little ingredients.


    Dolaz is obtained by roasting the flour until it turns yellow, then it is combined with milk and cooked until it becomes smooth. It is served by pouring butter on it.

    Şerbetli Pide

    Şerbetli Pideis another traditional dish of Aksaray: The pita that comes out of the oven is firstly spread with butter and cut into four finger thick pieces and drizzled with sherbet. It is generally consumed at breakfast.


    It is recommended to be consumed hot like Çiğleme. And again, it is made with little ingredients like çiğleme: sugar, flour and butter.

    Sarığı Burma

    You can easily find and taste Sarığı Burma, also known as Katmer, in the city. It is made from dough and poured oil on it, fried and then served.